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    Optical Shop with doctors of Opthalmology and Optometry in adjoining office. Serving the community for over 27 years.

    We have over forty years of providing prescription eye wear to our customers. We went from plastic and bifocals to 21st-century optics using hi-index materials and specializing in digital progressive lenses. With Erin, Laurie and myself as licensed opticians, we tend to have an 'old-fashioned'' way of sitting down with each patient and asking them about their eye wear needs, computer use, reading, driving, and sports relating activities.

    With this information, we help choose an individualized fashion look for everyone. After selecting the right fashion, comes the ardent task of selecting the best lenses, coatings are the best for you. The last step to helping you obtain the best eye wear is obtaining the required measurements to ensure your eye wear is tailored to your face. We stock over twenty-five hundred frames, in different price ranges and designs, including the option to choose from hundreds of sunglasses.