• Messages from our President and Executive Director

  • President's Message

  • Since our founding in 1950, the Fort Lee Regional Chamber of Commerce, our members, community partners and leaders have been committed to creating a pro-business environment for the Greater Fort Lee area. A strong business presence contributes to the health, viability and sustainability of the community. We have expanded our relationships, connected and engaged members to one another through our unique programs and social platforms, and continuously work to cultivate new opportunities to foster economic visibility and development to our businesses and members.

    Networking and growth is not about handing out business cards, it is about creating enough value to people so people become valuable to you. This strategy and dedication allows us as a Chamber to achieve greater connections to our mission, our businesses and the incredible communities that we serve. As we continue to shape and define the future of our communities, we remain well-positioned to advocate and serve, thanks to the trust and support from all of you.

    Our priorities and strategic plan for continued growth, define our work ahead. Our vision and some key initiatives will be to increase market penetration and create brand prominence in our area businesses. We will continue our advocacy for a business-friendly environment, hold our appointed and elected leaders accountable to their commitment to service, increase our region’s asset visibility, and define the Chamber as the resource portal for business information and connections.

    For those of you who are still considering membership, I encourage you to get involved in this vibrant community and our progressive Chamber. Whether you are a startup or a seasoned business, the Chamber is here to offer its resources to foster business long-term success.

    My pledge as President of this incredible Chamber is to continue to strengthen our ability to support you, our members, and provide the most robust marketing methods around. I look forward to serving you and our communities in continued success.

    Kenneth A. Bruno

  • Executive Director's Message

    At the end of a recent event, one of our new members said, “This has been fantastic! – I met so many people, and everyone was so friendly and helpful.” That comment exemplifies why I love being the Executive Director (ED) at the Fort Lee Regional Chamber of Commerce (FLRCC).

    Our Chamber is comprised of an extremely diverse community, with different backgrounds representing the gamut of business categories. The Chamber comprises everything from dog walking, to a yoga studio, banks, as well as multimillion dollar corporations. That said, there is a common thread among us all at the FLRCC: everyone wants to do better – make and foster healthy business connections, grow their businesses, and make the community a better place to live, and I get to facilitate this!

    As the ED, I’m one of the first people you will meet. My priority is to get to know you and your business, and then pinpoint where the Chamber can be a conduit for you to achieve your business goals. I take pride in making sure I’m available to all my members. In fact, this is another highlight of my job. Many times, people will say “Hope, can you connect me with the business owner of X?” or “Do you know anyone who makes widgets?” It’s gratifying to connect two members, and know that they will find what they are looking for, and help one another grow, while developing a great relationship.

    In addition to bringing in new members and trying to nurture the ones we already have, I spend a fair amount of time working with our Events Committee in developing a calendar of events that will entice members and potential members to attend. The objective is to offer varied and valuable programs that will empower attendees to be more successful.

    Keeping my finger on the pulse of Seven Towns, which are rapidly changing can be challenging. In 2016, we started to invite the local Mayors to contribute to the Chamber’s quarterly printed newsletters as a means of keeping members informed on changes taking place in our area. Several of the Mayors also attend our Annual Membership Luncheon in June, and our Holiday Luncheon in December to provide “Community Updates” to us all. We have also improved our coverage of upcoming local events in our Monthly Member News, helping to bring visibility to all the businesses in our Chamber community.

    My duties as ED are numerous and varied, but my favorite part is answering a phone call of a prospective member. If you’re not an FLRCC member and you are looking to grow your connections and business, please give me call!

    Hope Rothenberg
    Executive Director