• Meet Marisa Kochnover

  • Meet Marisa Kochnover

    Meet Marisa Kochnover

    I remember very vividly when I "met" Marisa Kochnover. I was driving in my car and she called and introduced herself and proceeded to tell me how she was going to be opening a new business in Fort Lee and how incredible it was going to be. She was so enthusiastic, excited and focused, I knew she was going to be successful and wonderful to work with....and I was right! Marisa now owns fifteen (15) CycleBar studios!


    Question: Why did you start your business?

    Response:  I saw a void within the area and knew we could both fill it and enhance the community we serve.


    Question: What challenges have you faced as a female business owner?

    Response: I often find people will underestimate me or make a quick judgement about my capabilities. Early on in the process I learned to stand my ground and not let that deter my focus.  


    Question: Do you think there are increasingly more opportunities for and acceptance of female business owners?


    Response: Yes, I certainly do.  I think the tide has turned a great deal and there is a push to support “women owned businesses” now.


    Question: What can the Chamber do to make things more equitable for women business owners?

    Response:  I think the resources and the services the chamber provides are great.  I would love to see the female networking groups continue.  Having guest speakers is always great but maybe we could all have to “bring a buddy” or a fellow business owner or woman in the community looking to connect.  It would be a good way to expand our circles.  I have always said when women stick together, we can rule the world.  The more we build our sisterhood network and cheer each other on, the stronger we will all be. 


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