• Women's History Month - Dawn Pascale

    Women's History Month - Dawn Pascale

    Question:  Why did you start your own business?
    Response: I was always passionate about cooking & baking since childhood. In 2013 I left Corporate America after 25 years in HR so I knew I was ready to finally do what I always wanted to do! When I started doing business, wholesale only in Hoboken (mid-2013), I was not prepared for this new journey. Sometimes I forget that I started something from nothing but I could not be happier with my decision to brand myself as 100% vegan and gluten free dedicated kitchen in addition to soy & palm oil free. I branched out to open my own dedicated kitchen & retail bakery in January 2017. We’ve been in Cliffside Park for the past 4 years. 
    Question: What challenges have you faced as a female business owner?
    Response: I have been faced with this question my whole life as a young woman working her way up the corporate ladder. It’s no different whether you’re owning your own business or working within a corporation. I think the biggest challenge is being treated equally. You have to speak up for yourself, stand with confidence in your decisions & align yourself with others who are like-minded. Women represent huge economic power & offer important consumer insight. I remember “soft skills” being frowned upon but those skills and emotional intelligence are key competitive advantages for women. 
    Question: Do you think there are increasingly more opportunities for and acceptance of female business owners?
    Response: Yes I do think there are more opportunities. Women are standing together in support and empowerment therefore causing a shift which is creating growth & acceptance.
    Question: What can the Chamber do to make things more equitable for women business owners?
    Response: The Chamber can continue to equally highlight women-owned businesses, listen to their feedback and amplify their collective voice for change. 
    Dawn found a way to safely serve her customers during the COVID pandemic: a walkup window! As she explains on her website, "We value the safety of our staff and customers, therefore retail customer walk-ins are not allowed at this time. We are only offering takeout orders for pickup at our walkup window with two ways of ordering, SAME DAY or NEXT DAY."

    Ome Sweet Home walk up window


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